Fall Brings More Changes

August is usually down time here at the LIFE Center. Staff are on vacation and we have painting and repair work done. This year included much more. Making plans to continue our ‘Covid Pivot’ were in full swing. There were meetings with school administrators, local organizations, and county officials. All had one thing in mind, how can we reopen programs to help children get back to school and families get back to a more normal life.

It took a great deal of planning but we were able to open in September. Our After School Program was converted into innovative ‘Learning Labs’. The school district adopted a hybrid learning schedule consisting of in-person and on-line. Children would be split into two cohorts. The Learning Labs were started to help parents who cannot work from home and those who may not feel they have the ability to help their children with on-line learning. Children are here working in a classroom setting with staff who can assist with technical and learning issues. All CDC and State guidelines for safety are followed. The Learning Labs have the added advantage of allowing the children to remain in a classroom setting with their peers all week thus reducing the stress on-line learning has caused many children.

Since the children are on site for the entire school day plus the normal After School hours several programs needed to be temporarily paused; Parents & Tots, ESL, and Friday Night Fever. These program will resume when regular school schedules are back in place and some of the Covid distancing restrictions are lifted


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