An Unusual Summer

July is SummerFun time here at the LIFE Center. Our 5 week camp is filled with trips to educational and fun spots in the tri-state area, swimming at Mariandale Center, games, sports and laughing children.

The Covid Pandemic put an end to our usual plans. We didn’t know if we could have a summer program and we anxiously awaited the updated CDC guidelines. Parents were hoping to begin working again, they were slowly getting calls about jobs but they needed a safe place for their children to spend the days. They also knew their children missed seeing their friends.

Finally the word came, summer programs could open if they followed strict guidelines. There would be smaller numbers, no trips, swimming was out and all would need to wear masks throughout the day. We studied the protocols for cleaning and safety we would need to follow and planned our next steps.

SummerFun 2020 was a great success. Everyone stayed safe and healthy and most importantly, everyone had fun!

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