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The LIFE in RSHM LIFE Center stands for Learning Is For Everyone

It is our belief that at every stage of life we are learning and it is through knowledge that people can achieve their full potential.      

Each day, hundreds of people from toddlers to seniors cross our threshold. We open our doors and greet our youth, families, colleagues, and neighbors with love and respect. With us, they receive support in strengthening their spirits and developing the skills and relationships that empower them to become involved members of their communities. As a body we recommit daily to constant learning and self-growth.

The heart, soul, and inspiration our diverse staffers and volunteers bring to the LIFE Center creates an atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home.

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Sr. Susan Gardella, Andrea Carson, Ryan Cassermere, Michele Lopera, Janet Rivera, Swiltra Alejo, Whitneyfer Alejo, Evelyn Rios, Sr. Kelly Carpenter, and Lina Tapia

A bit of history from several years ago…
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