Advocacy Services

The Social Work Dictionary defines advocacy as “the act of directly representing or defending others. . . . championing the rights of individuals and communities through direct intervention and empowerment

Advocacy is a much sought after service provided to many in the community. Be it help filling out forms for social security or for section eight housing, going to school with a parent to advocate for a child’s needs, accompanying parents to doctor appointments to translate, or helping someone who is the victim of domestic violence. Assisting individuals in their quest to become US citizens, obtaining a GED, and applying for financial aid to attend college all fall under this area. Supermarket gift certificates provide emergency sustenance to newcomers in the community and to those who have trouble making ends meet. A referral to the local food pantry provides ongoing support.

People know that they will receive help at our Center. If we cannot provide the needed service directly; we will assist them in making the necessary contacts and help them through the process. Outside groups are often engaged to provide workshops and technical support. Networking with the local school district and other organizations throughout the county strengthens our ability to be of service.

During the current pandemic the LIFE Center became a food distribution site.

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