Learning Labs Program

Formerly the After School Program, the new name Learning Labs better describes the education and enrichment activities of the LIFE Center’s successful flagship program which first started in 1995.

Learning Labs provides targeted academic help for students to catch up from pandemic learning loss. Small group learning, individual attention, and many instructors to support them academically – all help the children regain what has been lost during the schooling upheavals of COVID-19. 

Learning Labs also immerses the students in English. Over 90% of our children speak English as their second language. Many of their parents are under-educated or are English language learners and cannot help their children with English or schoolwork. Yet for the children, mastering English while they are still young is critical. Here at the LIFE Center we also focus on math, other school subjects, and provide enrichment in technology, the arts, and the natural world. But our number one priority is the students’ proficiency in the language of instruction; it is this, more than anything, that will afford them a powerful education.

Learning Labs directs resources to the students who need them most, after a pandemic that hit the most vulnerable amongst us the hardest.

72 children between 1st and 5th Grade are in the program.

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