Our 25th Anniversary Year Comes to an End…

The Learning Labs Crew

We have come to the end of our 25th anniversary year. There were no big parties or gatherings but I am so pleased to say the LIFE Center never ceased to be of service to our community here in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. We stayed true to our mission.

Some graduates visited

Learning Labs ended on a high-note. We were able to have our traditional end of school barbecue, though families weren’t invited this year. The kids were able to play and enjoy their friends in the park and later enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs and other snacks A few of our ‘graduates’ even stopped by to say hello. We had the opportunity to see the parents when they arrived to pick up their children and many stayed on to enjoy the park. We have been enrolling for next school year and I am happy to say we are at full capacity.

Our first trip…

Summer Fun is in full swing. This year 60 children are enjoying swimming, trips, sports and other activities. Safety precautions must still be followed but this summer is much more relaxed. Trips and activities will provide not only learning opportunities but also provide social and emotional support for the children who are still struggling from the traumatic changes to their lives this past year.

As life slowly returns to normal please remember to stay safe!  

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